Some Of The Best Photo Gear
Personal opinion on some of the best Photo Gear
Some Of The Best Photo Gear
Personal opinion on some of the best Photo Gear Photographer:

Natural Formations Photographing the amazing and awe inspiring natural formations of Planet Earth
Back To Basics It's back to basics. After 30 years, I am shooting Black and White again. My current tool of choice is a Leica M 10 Monochrom
The Joy Of Cropping The joy of cropping. Cropping is a crucial part of the photographic creative process. Even minor cropping and/or changes in the aspect ratio can make a big difference in an image.
Printing Fine Art Photographs Photographer Mark Dubovoy describes why photographic prints are objects of unparalleled beauty and artistic impact. He also addresses some key tools and unexpected benefits of printing images.
Living on the edge of the State of the Art: PhaseOne XF IQ4 150 System. A short review of the new PhaseOne XF/IQ4 150 system. Emphasis is given to a new breakthrough capability: Automatic Frame Averaging. PhaseOne XF IQ4 150 Frame Average for 1 minute, 150/2.8 BR lens.
Back to Africa Back to Africa one more time. Yet another special trip, with a new lens and new wildlife surprises.
Let The Trees Speak For Themselves Can a single photograph of trees express the impact and artistic differences between Medium Format and full frame 35 mm?
PhaseOne Trichromatic Back PhaseOne introduces a new 100 Megapixel "Trichromatic" Medium Format back. Is it evolutionary or revolutionary? Mark Dubovoy shares his views and experience.
Digital Printing Just Got Better. Again! Mark Dubovoy explains how digital printing has recently taken yet another leap froward in image quality.
The Joy Of Technical Cameras Mark Dubovoy describes the joy of using a CAMBO Technical Camera to photograph Death Valley and Yosemite.
Mark Dubovoy Is the PhaseOne XF/ IQ 3 100 the best camera system in the world? After 10 months of working with it, Mark Dubovoy reviews the system in detail. Image: "Yuba River". PhaseOne XF, 35 mm Blue Line lens.
Asilomar Workshop A workshop sponsored by PhotoAesthetics took place in May at Asilomar in the Monterey/Carmel area. Image shot with a CAMBO Pro WRS-5000 field camera and a Rodenstock 23 mm HR-Distagon lens.
Four Generations of Weston Mark Dubovoy comments on an exhibit of the black and white photographs of four generations of the Weston family: Edward, Brett, Kim and Zach, and the impact of such in important family in photography.
An interview with Ed Kashi Mark Dubovoy interviews Ed Kashi, a well known photojournalist, filmmaker and educator dedicated to documenting social and political issues of our time.
Swimming with Polar Bears Amos Nachoum captures stunning underwater images of polar bears swimming.
EIZO CG 318-4K Display Mark Dubovoy reports on a first look at the EIZO CG 318-4K display.
Tanzania A Photographic Safari in Tanzania. Mark Dubovoy describes, the results of pre-visualizing the types of images to capture before the trip and how the chosen equipment performed.
PhaseOne XF Camera System PhaseOne just introduced their new XF Camera System. Jim Taskett interviews Lau Nørgaard from PhaseOne and reviews the user interface, features and technology of the new PhaseOne XF Camera System.
Cuba Cuba is going through a major transformation. Amos Nachoum describes his experiences in Cuba as well as the amazing diving opportunities there.
You Can’t Do That With A Rangefinder Wildlife photography using a rangefinder camera. Pushing equipment to unintended limits.
The Fine Print; Outstanding Photographs. Charlie Cramer discusses his experience with the Fine Photographic Print for the PhotoAesthetics community.
The Camera and Violin Axiom A comparison between buying a camera and buying a violin. Purchasing a camera does not automatically make you a photographer. Image: Freight Train, Wendover, UT, 2013
Don’t “Just Get The Picture!” Don't just get the picture. First determine the desired look and feel of your images, develop a style and tell a story! Image: Elephants defending a baby from massive hyena attack
Obsession How one man's obsession with quality can meld music reproduction and photography with the success of a commercial enterprise
Orca Memories 2014 An expedition to Norway leads to amazing encounters with Orca whales and to beautiful images made under difficult conditions.
An Inkjet Printing Primer Mark Dubovoy presents an Inkjet Printing Primer for those interested in making fine prints. Photo: Zion Panorama, UT
In Search Of Your Best Images Key contributor Charles Cramer's advice on how to select your best images.
Fantasizing Reality Fantasizing reality: Photographs as stylized interpretations of reality. Photograph: Marilyn Monroe, Las Vegas
Water and Lava The beautiful and unique CJ Kale and Nick Selway photographs of curling waves and lava entering the water.
Why Photography Mark Dubovoy explains why he chose photography and recalls his personal history and philosophy of the medium.
Welcome to Photo Aesthetics A welcome note from Mark Dubovoy. Why did he start a new publication?
The Print Is The Performance Charles Cramer illustrates the Ansel Adams famous statement that the negative is the score and the print is the performance.
The Hunt for Great White Shark Images A true story of how Amos Nachoum captured some amazing images of Great White Sharks
The Virtues of Beauty Huntington Witherill makes a case for preserving beauty in art. Image: Cracked Mud and Pool, Hanksville, UT
A small detour into small format Differences between a Nikon D810 with a Zeiss Otus lens and a Leica M system.
Best way to carry a Leica M Outfit? A superb quality and very different system to carry a Leica M outfit
Swiss Made The ALPA Bellows Integration System and how it can be used for macrophotography.
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