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The Print Is The Performance

Editor’s note

Master photographer and key contributor to Photo Aesthetics, Charles Cramer, is also a first class musician. He is an outstanding organ player.

There seems to be a close relationship between music and photography. Many famous photographers were trained as musicians and some continued their music careers as a secondary avocation while pursuing photography as their primary careers. Many famous musicians have turned out to be highly accomplished photographers too, and some of them have produced outstanding bodies of work in photography. This is a theme that we intend to explore some more in the future.

Ansel Adams was trained as a musician. He was a piano player and even in his old age, with arthritic hands and deformed fingers, he could play beautifully. A grand piano was a prominent piece of furniture in his home. In this short video Charles illustrates with his own work a famous phrase by Ansel Adams linking music and photography.

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